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Join professional etiquette consultant, Lyn Zimmermann, and learn to present yourself as a perfectly polished professional. Learn tips and tricks on dining etiquette, great conversation, and looking fantastic without spending a lot of money. Zimmermann is a professional etiquette speaker who has shared her message at many private and public colleges and companies throughout the United States. She brings energy and passion to her presentations as she helps students and interns transition into the professional world. Audience participation is strongly encouraged throughout the presentation. This program is perfect for college students entering the work-force, corporate companies wishing to polish their skills and anyone else wishing to make a fantastic impression. The program is based in Milwaukee, WI, however, Zimmermann travels throughout the United States. 

Consider our most popular 90-minute "Perfectly Polished Professional" presentation, highlighting each of the topics listed below, paired with a three or four-course dinner at the location of your choice. Or, select a specific topic of focus and enhance with a personal style shopping experience, cocktail networking event, and more.   Your presentation could include the following sample points or may be tailored to your specific interests: 

Professional Dress


  • First Impressions: 10 tips to make a great first impression in three seconds.
  • Attire: What to wear to a business interview, corporate function and social engagement, all on the same day. What does “business casual” really mean?
  • Corporate Culture: Can I have bobble heads on my desk? Are tattoos, pink hair and body piercings okay? Are leggings and jeans okay to wear? 
  • Tips and Tricks: What to wear when you have no clue what to wear...

Personal style consultations for select attendees of your choice may be added to this program.  Ask us about our proud sponsors of the "Perfectly Polished Professional" program who provide complimentary and discounted professional attire for attendees of this program.  

Dining Etiquette


  • Place Setting: The formula for figuring out what to do with all that silverware, including a detailed discussion of each course including food traps and menu items to consider. 
  • Invitations: Understanding the "code" behind an invitation, including who is invited, who pays the bill and if a doggy bag is appropriate.  
  • Alcoholic beverages: When are alcoholic beverages okay, how many is too many and the effects of alcohol on a first impression. 
  • Networking: How to juggle a drink, food, business card and a handshake at a networking event.
  • Snafus: My cherry tomato just flew across the table, now what? I just spilled a glass of red wine on my boss, am I going to get fired?My client has spinach in her teeth,  should I tell her?
  • And many other answers to questions you were afraid (or never thought of) to ask.

This program is perfectly paired with a three or four-course luncheon or dinner at the venue of your choice.

Business Success


  • Networking: Appropriate greetings and introductions for a great first impression, including secrets to networking and being remembered. 
  • Conversation Killers:  The things you should never, ever, EVER talk about!
  • Business Cards: How to creating an awesome "billboard."
  • Technology: Proper use of email, telephone, voicemail and wireless devices in the work place.
  • Other Stuff: Who should enter an elevator first? Should you stand when joined at the dining table? And MORE!

This program is perfectly paired with a cocktail/mocktail and appetizer networking event format. Ask us about how to include local business sponsors within your event! 

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